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Summer Fun- Water Time!

This summer flew by and as I write this we are well on our way to winter. This summer was busy and fun and I would be sad if I didn’t write some of my favorite memoires. I decided the best way to do it is to break it up in a few difference blogs. The first one is all about my fun in the sun and water.

I have always loved the water and some of my favorite summer memories seem to involve water of some type. This summer was no different. Years ago (fresh out of high school) our church did a youth activity where we floated down the main part of the Payette River. I LOVED it but the closet I came to do anything like that again was floating down the Boise River which isn’t the same thing. This summer I finally was able to raft the river again with some good friends. My friend Mike and his wife Kim do a lot of rafting and even own their own raft. They invited me to raft the Payette River with them and I jumped at the chance. My good friend Jeff and I drove up to meet them in July.



We rafted the main part of the Payette River and the weather could not have been better. The rapids were big enough to be exciting but not overwhelming. The water was cold and refreshing.




I felt myself relax and soak in everything nature had to offer during the calm parts on the river. The afternoon was just what I needed and I know without a doubt something I want to do more of.




A few weeks later my BFF Jennifer invited me to raft the South Fork of the Payette River with her and her family.


I have never been on the South Fork so I was excited. We went rafting with the Payette River Company. I have to say our guide wasn’t bad looking.


It was another fun afternoon and I have to say if I wasn’t hooked before I defiantly was after that.


The rapids were a little more heart pounding and at times I was thankful for my helmet. I am proud to say all of us stayed in the raft (a raft behind us wasn’t as lucky) and worked together as a good team.












A big thanks to Jennifer and her family for letting me tag alone with them!!


This summer I also learned how to kayak! To start out with my dad had me practice in his pool. I have to say is didn’t start well. Within a few seconds of getting in the kayak I ended up upside down in the pool. After that things got better but it took a little bit to find my balance.


I finally started to feel more confident and after another evening of practicing I felt ready to try it on open water. Our adventure on open water was to help lifeguard for Emmett’s triathlon, no pressure right LOL. We spent a couple of hours and I ended up really liking it. Thanks dad for teaching me and letting me tag along!




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