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This year I am working on getting healthy. I have been wanting and trying off and on for years to lose weight but usually after 10 lbs or so I either get board or frustrated and would fall back into my old ways. Last fall I had some health concerns and I decided enough was enough and it was time to get my life back.


I was told by my doctor that due to my heart it was best to lose the weight slowly without using any fad diets or pills. It was all about watching what I eat and getting off my butt and moving. My friend Lisa challenged me to run a half marathon with her and while I have never been a runner I accepted the challenge.

run 1

My first challenge was a 5K (the Race for the Cure) this May. I downloaded the Couch to 5K app for my phone and went to work. It was anything but easy.


Some days I could feel every extra pound that I was carrying around. Other days it took everything I had just to get myself out the door. But I did it. It was slow and not pretty but I did it.


May 9th was here before and I was excited to see what I could do. My best friend Jennifer signed up to do the race with me and I loved having her alongside me.


The 5K was fun and I was able to run/fast walk my best time yet! My average per mile was 14.38, 14:32, and 14:36, not bad for an overweight girl!


I am now down 30lbs and am excited to see what this summer will bring.


My next challenge will be a 10K in September, bring it!!

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  1. Lindsay
    June 16, 2015 at 9:42 pm


    Keep at it girl!


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